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Schumacher Cargo Logistics is a professional international moving and shipping company. In business since 1977, we have been successfully shipping vehicles and household goods overseas from the USA to over 80 destinations worldwide. Our excellent customer care and team of shipping experts will ensure your shipping needs are satisfied.
Call us at 1-800-599-0190 or visit www.schumachercargo.com  for your free moving and shipping quote!

Aussiemove.com - an online portal for anyone planning a move to Australia. It includes suburb profiles and photos, info on schools, jobs, banking, housing and many other aspects of Aussie life. Aussiemove also features a lively discussion forum and migrant BLOGS, detailing the real-life experiences of other migrants who have made the journey.

Avanti Commercial Founded in 2002, Total Customer Care Pty Ltd whom trades as Avanti Commercial, has been established as a Global Specialist Private Client Commercial Funding Facilitator using decades of knowledge and experience gained in the banking and finance and other related services industries to create a level of integrity that is hard to find, and offering a unique product range to Private Clients around the world.

Batir Wealth is a boutique financial advisory firm specialising in building and protecting the wealth of successful directors of private companies, professionals and high net worth individuals.
By gaining a deep understanding of the values and priorities of successful people, we help them solve the complex and financial issues they face in life. Founded in 2009, they noticed the need for quality, attentive and professional advice. Batir Wealth is a privately owned financial services firm that ensures that the advice they provide isn’t tainted or influenced by commissions or any other incentives. www.batirwealth.com info@batirwealth.com

BestExchangeRates.net provides a U.S. currency exchange vendor rate comparison service, our price comparison algorithms and transparent price calculator will find you which banks and brokers are offering the best USD rates right now along with the fees and profit margin from the market mid-rate being charged. www.bestexchangerates.net

Cardinal Point | Your Cross-Border Financial Advisor - Cardinal Point is an independent wealth management firm created to service the sophisticated needs of high net-worth families. We are dedicated to providing investment oversight, financial and tax planning, and cross-border solutions within the United States and Canada. Our financial advisors operate under the fiduciary standard and understand that your wealth, family, interests and values are all interconnected.


Cash Flow Gold We established ourselves quickly as a company who provides education and accountability for our customers. Quality customer service with outstanding support, walking you through possible property deals personally with our USA property tours. We cut out the middle man and show you how to buy direct from the banks making you the winner in every deal! Our business is built on your success. We work for you 100%, quality network, quality systems, best results. My investment in you is your willingness to shout your success from the roof tops and tell others! www.cashflowgold.com.au is where you can find more information on making the right decision for your investing future. Our business is built on your success

Global Visas - The USA has some of the worlds’ most stringent immigration laws, which is why Global Visas is the perfect partner to help you ensure success. Global Visas’ staff help thousands of people with their US immigration each year. Our experts can support you at every stage of the process and help you to find the best immigration route to suit your situation.

Take our free assessment today to take the first step in this exciting journey – one of our experts will review your information and get in touch to discuss your options.

House Buyers USA is a USA based company specialising in the purchase and renovation of homes and condominiums. The Australian owners live in the USA and their business is focused on the foreclosure market. For over six years the company has sold positive cashflow property to USA investors and now House Buyers USA is the preferred choice for many Australians and International investors looking to buy USA property.  Anyone looking to buy a USA investment property can deal direct with the House Buyers USA team of experts including the sourcing of houses, legal, accounting, property management, maintenance and financing of these properties. The full turn-key operation is easy to follow and safely takes buyers through all the legal and technical details. House Buyers USA finds the properties, renovates them, takes care of all the purchase arrangements, finds and manages the tenant, annual accounting services and insurances. Contact House Buyers USA at info@housebuyersusa.com or visit the website www.housebuyersusa.com for more details.

Life Relocation - Life Relocation Australia specialise in providing a full suite of Immigration and Relocation Services to skilled professionals undertaking the process of Relocation to Australia for work purposes. Life Relocation have offices located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with relocation staff covering all major cities as well as regional locations in Australia. http://www.liferelocation.com.au

Nab That Job Australia Nab That Job! is an organisation who are here to help you to land that job in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK, and migrate with ease. We can help you to prepare your job search so that you can decrease your amount of time searching for employment, and increase the time you can spend settling into your exciting new lifestyle. Visit us now, at: Nab That Job in Australia! www.nabthatjob.com, Nab That Job in New Zealand! Nab That Job in Canada or Nab That Job in the UK. We also welcome your enquiry, and invite you to send your CV for an assessment and quote of our recommended services, to info@nabthatjob.com

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