No more worrying about missing your regular payments from retirement

When sending money to the same place regularly it’s important that the transfers are easy, time efficient and made at the best rates. With USForex regular overseas payments, you don't have to worry about your transactions every month, remembering them, organising them or agonising over rates. Simply set up a transfer plan that suits your needs and leave the rest to us!.

There are no establishment fees or transfer fees and all you need is a minimum of four (4) payments of $500 to use USForex regular payments.

Regular payments are also ideal for
- Overseas mortgage payments
- Transfer company pension to/from another country
- Foreign salary transfers
- Bringing rental income home
- Overseas school fees
- Investment property repayments
- Debt repayments
- Sending savings home




*Limited time offer

Register before July 19th and transfer your money with Zero Fees.





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