Save money with USForex

The USForex currency payment service will save you money. We operate a highly efficient currency transfer company with systems that ensure that you get a great price and a speedy foreign currency transfer.


The big saving on your currency transfers is in the exchange rates. Before you make a currency transfer, check our rates and then compare these against your bank's rates. Depending on the size of the currency payments, we can save you hundreds of dollars and in many cases, thousands of dollars!

Don't take our word for it, check your bank's rates and at the same time check our live foreign exchange rates.


We charge one low transfer fee of just US$5 (or equivalent) for transactions below US$5,000. Transactions above that are fee free. Click here for more details on fees.

Personal Service

You can get in touch with our fore professionals 24 hours a day on business days to discuss the market, hedging tools or your transaction with us.

There is no obligation or cost to REGISTER, so why not check out our live rates and compare them with what you would currently receive for your international money transfer?