Our Fees & How You Save

Using USForex, you are guaranteed extremely competitive exchange rates and cheap transfer fees.

Low or Zero Fees

Our standard transfer fee is just $5 for transactions below $5,000. Transactions above $5,000 have No Fees. Banks will typically charge you around $40 to 50 for the same service. 

Please note that free deals cannot be applied to transactions under the minimum deal amount, $1,000 or equivalent.

Currency Exchange Rates

The biggest savings on your currency transfers are due to our low exchange rates. Before you make a currency transfer, get a quote from USForex and then compare to your bank's rates. Depending on the size of your currency transfer, we can save you thousands of dollars. 

Fees for Other Currencies

Need to transfer other currencies besides dollars? Our fees and no-fee minimums are below: 

AED 50  
AUD 15  
CAD 15  
CHF 15  
DKK 20  
EUR 10  
FJD 20  
GBP 7  
HKD 60  
JPY 1500  
NOK 20  
NZD 12  
PLN 15  
SEK 20  
SGD 15  
USD 5  
ZAR 50  
 Fee-free threshold

* These thresholds are based on 'per beneficiary' amounts rather than total deal payment amount. If you are paying to multiple beneficiaries, if the average sell amount to the beneficiaries is over the threshold, all fees will be waived. If the average sell amount to beneficiaries is below the threshold, fees will be charged for each payment.

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